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Have you tried a nude massage in Beijing? Hottie Tantric Naked therapy Beijing: using mind-body-spirit connection for ultimate happiness and well-being.

Busy lifestyle, deadlines, jet lags, numerous responsibilities, important decisions – the road to success had never been a stroll on a summer day…

Enjoy Hottie Tantric Nude massage £ 100/hour (Outcall service + £20 taxi cost)
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But striving for success, didn’t you leave something important out? Is there something in your life that just doesn’t work as well as you’d want it to?

Having trouble understanding the opposite sex? Can’t come to terms with the boss or co-worker? Nobody understands how much you are doing for your business, not many appreciate your efforts? Or simply feeling stressed and just want to have someone to talk to?

Introducing Naked Therapy Beijing – Integral, Sexy and Fun way to take off the load of your problems, relax and enjoy life to the full!

Our Tantric therapists, who also have background in psychology and healing arts, can offer you an insight into your problem from both psychological and spiritual perspectives, and then work on it using body-oriented and of course Tantric techniques.

Natural intuition and deep feminine wisdom together with warm, calm, non-judgemental and compassionate Buddha attitude of our Tantric therapists will create an atmosphere of trust and openness.

Naked therapy session starts with 30 minutes talk with your therapist where you can bare your soul and tell her whatever bothers you.

Sometimes we all can feel shy and unable to open in front of a stranger, so to build up your confidence, encourage you and establish trusting connection, your therapist will be taking off her clothes as you speak in a symbolic act of appreciation and reciprocation of your sincerity.

By the end of the talking part of the Naked Therapy session your therapist will be absolutely gorgeously naked! And this is where body oriented part of the therapy begins.

It is a scientifically proven truth that stress, tensions and conflicts of the psyche are stored in the body as blockages and muscle tensions, which can even result in the so-called psycho-somatic illnesses if persistently neglected. Thus releasing bodily tensions by the means of massage is an effective way to ease, untangle and dissipate psychological problems due to the body-mind intimate connection.

But with Tantric massage the therapeutic potential is even more pronounced. Tantra works with Kundalini energy – spiritual sexual energy in every human being which, when awoken and properly aligned, brings gifts of miraculous healing, deep insights, beneficial personal transformations and realization of one’s full potential in all spheres of life.

Powerful surge of Kundalini energy potentially can just blow off all tensions at ones, bringing the person on the whole new level of existence characterized by greater personal integrity and well-being. Lifelong problem, pattern or situation can resolve or disappear after Kundalini experience. Happier, more fulfilling ways of living are opening before amazed gaze of more whole, joyful and loving individual in a new, better and brighter world…

Thus Naked Tantric Therapy works on all levels – mental, physical and spiritual, and this holistic integral approach makes it efficient, while fun, sexy and relaxing way to greater wellness and more fulfilling life

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