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The Erotic Tantric is a very intimate art that has been practiced by many for thousands of years and it is now growing in popularity in the West. Hottie Tantric introduce the ancient Oriental massage skills combine with Tantra principle to develop a very special “Hottie Tantric Erotic Tantric Massage”.

Enjoy a Tantric Massage at the Hottie Tantric Beijing, our beautiful Tantric Massage therapists can offer you the speical erotic tantric massage service in Central Beijing.

You can visit any of our Exotic Tantric Massage Palour in Haidian. We also offer a Visiting Tantric Massage service that can bring heaven straight to your door. Our Stunning professional Therapists have a passion and take great pride in being Beijing’s most sought after Tantric Massage agency.

Enjoy Beijing Hottie Tantric Tantric Massage £ 100/hour (Outcall service + £20 taxi cost)
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Your professional sexy masseuse will deliver to you with acute precision the most deliriously delicious and well tuned Tantric Massage service, a journey of physical pleasure and spiritual release, balancing mind body and soul.

Your Hottie Tantric Tantric Massage Experience

Your Tantric Massage will be bespoke for your needs, you will have a short consultation with your massage therapist at the start where as you can discuss or request any specific needs.
She will then ask you to relax taking your through some short relaxation exercises helping you attune to your new environment and leave the world outside behind you taking you on a wild and passionate journey of Tantric Massage heaven.

The strokes will be a well orchestrated intuitive combination of slow and sensual stokes of pleasure, combined with deeper firmer stimulation, unwinding all the knots.

With Body to Body Tantric Massage you will experience a feeling of becoming one with your goddess, your two bodies writhing like the ocean waves, moving and gliding into one another’s curves, melting together.

Rather than pursuing more stimulation, Tantra Tantric Massage is concerned with experiencing a deeper sensitivity, your Tantric Massage Therapist will work with your sexual energy, moving this around, raising your energy, allowing you to experience pleasure that clears your mind of worries, releases pleasure endorphins and works on your physical being, massaging deep into every cell in your body.

Aromatic oils can also be used to heighten sensitivity; this is not necessary if you do not wish so.

The benefits of Tantric Massage are only now in our modern day being recognised and respected for its unique and highly effective way of physical and mental wellbeing.

Your Tantric Massage session is about touch, It is the art of massage that is aimed to encourage feelings of eroticism. There can be no margin for error here. The whole experience and ambiance of a salon where you will receive your Tantric Massage is geared towards enhancing your senses.

Discovering the untold delights of Tantric Massage is something that everyone should try at least once. However much you enjoy any kind of massage, one of the first rules is cleanliness. This not only applies to the premises and items of massage, but it also applies to the client as well. Can you imagine starting to massage someone who has been working all day and has had to rush around in their job?

Going straight for a Erotic Tantric massage Beijing without trying to remove any of the day’s grime, sweat or other odours can be downright offensive, and that’s putting it mildly. Of course, it’s true that you may be running late and not be able to stop off at your hotel or home to take shower first. That is why taking a shower on our premises before your massage takes place is one of the essential parts of the massage for more than the above reasons.

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